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May 2, 2018 by Chad Feller

May 2, 2018 by Chad Feller

May 2, 2018 by Chad Feller

Brian Zeller - A remarkable Waterman!
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My goal was simple: to finish. I had borrowed Mark Feighanıs stock Waterman. Even in flat conditions the board was submerged. The day of the race the conditions were horrible, the channel had a 4 to 6 foot chop swell and a 15 to 20 knot northwest wind.


BING Hawaiian Gun For Fred Van Dyke shaped by Mike Eaton

BING Hawaiian Gun For Fred Van Dyke shaped by Mike Eaton

BING Hawaiian Gun For Fred Van Dyke shaped by Mike Eaton

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King's unlimited prone paddleboard

Posted 6 days 09 hours 53 minutes ago. 140
18’6″ unlimited prone paddleboard shaped by Dave Daum at King’s paddle sports. Super fast with great glide. very comfortable tray with knee wells. great for all around conditions.

Bark unlimited prone paddleboard

Posted 9 days 02 hours 55 minutes ago. 153
Beautiful unlimited prone paddleboard. Made for downwind, but works great in all conditions. Very stable with double concave bottom. Comfortable tray with knee wells. Board is in great condition.

20' Dale Velzy Collectible Hand Made Unlimited

Posted 02 months 5 days 09 hours 33 minutes ago. 388
two of these left that I am aware of, one is in the SHACC museum. Dale was my friend so I have remained attached to this board. in very good shape, has not been in the water for many years. pickup in

Bark Paddleboard

Posted 09 months 7 days 11 hours 50 minutes ago. 2,133
18 foot Bark Paddleboard. This is an older board which is perfect for a training board and or a great starter board water tight and ready to go. Make an appointment to check it out.

Eaton Logo T-Shirts

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Eaton Logo T-Shirts come in the following sizes:  Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large. The T-shirts are $27 (including tax, $25 is outside California) + S/H. Contact Rachel at (function(){var ml="

Eaton Stickers

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Eaton Logo Stickers: Black or White. $5.00 each, includes tax, plus S/H. Contact Rachel at (function(){var ml="-iroh%ncFs34.DAul0CEa2ktfme",mi="5:BD5EA42JH5:=5EEID1@G35:>2D74J@5;AJDG

A Design of His Own - Mike Eaton's Story

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“A Design of His Own” is Hawaii resident, Michael Eaton’s story as a boy who grew up near the Pacific, learned the value of work at an early age, stuck to his principals, got some lu