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Mike Eaton

Mike Eaton suffered a massive stroke ealier this year (1/18/2015). Please send him all of your prayers, thoughts, positive eneregy and love. For updates, please go here.

Mike arrived back home to Hawi, Hawaii yesterday (4/13/2015). His contact info is:

Mike Eaton
P.O. Box 198900
P.M.B. 863
Hawi, HI 96719

Unfortunately, Mike will be unable to attend this year's Catalina Classic Paddleboard Race awards ceremony this year. He is still working on his recovery, but he just does not have the endurance yet to travel and he is still battling paralysis on his left side. Please keep in your thoughts and prayers as well as drop him a line! His family will be representing him at the awards ceremony, including at least one of his sons.

Just in: They are going to try and skype with Mike at the awards ceremony!


Mike, Baja California, Mexico 1995


- Designs by Eaton can be purchased at:
- Designs by Eaton can be purchased at:
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