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Eaton Paddleboard Designs
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Eaton Molded Paddleboards


14' Class Molded Recreational Paddleboards

14' Class Molded Race Paddleboards



18' Unlimited Class Molded Paddleboards

Carbon/epoxy construction, Eaton Rudder System and pad/chinrest - standard.

Lightweight and tough carbon/epoxy construction.

Eaton Custom Shaped Paddleboards   
Designed and hand shaped from EPS foam. Glassed with epoxy resin and finished at the Eaton shop. Custom outlines, rockers, kayak noses, puddles, knee wells and other features possible. Special outfitting can include Eaton Rudder System, custom paint/striping, bottle holders, special pads, knee blocks. 

 12'  Stock Class Custom Paddleboards


14' Class Custom  Paddleboards


Special touring 14 designed for Susan Chaplin. Includes Eaton Rudder System and dagger fin, multiple hard points for gearbags, bottle holders  and custom paint. Susan paddles hundreds of miles every year though various island chains in the Caribbean - mostly solo.


16' Unlimited Class Custom Paddleboards


18' Trisect Paddleboard

World's first 3 piece paddleboard. This paddleboard easily disassembles into three parts.
If you've ever had to take a paddleboard with you on a airliner you'll appreciate this unique board!


19' Unlimited Class Custom Paddleboards



Shaped for 2000 Catalina Champ Brian Zeller 6/2001. All carbon fiber, Eaton Rudder System, custom bottle holders, dished-out deck,  custom paint and pinstripes.

24' Tandem Paddleboard - "The Paddleship"

"The Paddleship" was designed in 1998 an experimental model.  Mike Harnish and Kanesa Duncan did a Catalina Channel Crossing.


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