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UPDATE!!! UPDATE: 2/6/2015
Mike's feeding tube was removed and he can now eat REAL food. he was alsoallowed to take a REAL shower via a sling. Keep up the energy and prayers for him! - from Gary & Mike's sister, Ann.
UPDATE: 1/31/2015
It's been 2 weeks now since Michael's huge stroke. He was moved to a hospital 3 miles away. It's a skilled nursing place. He'll be continuing with PT, OT and speech therapy. He's begging for an Oreo cookie shake! They say that's good but he has to work with speech therapy before he can eat anything. Prayers please - from Marianne Eaton
eaton recovery Update: 1/27/2015
10 days latter. Michael is getting better every day. The photo was from today and the physical therapist had him sitting up for a good amount of time. He actually held the position by himself for a minute or so. He also got a feeding tube directly into his stomach for more nutrition. That will come out once he relearns to swallow. God is good! - from Marianne Eaton
eatonupdate UPDATE: 1/22/2015
Brother, Mike, showing all of us he is aware and has not lost his humor. Still in ICU for a couple of more days, then a long road ahead of recovery and rehab. Mahalo nui loa to all you wonderful friends. — at North Hawaii Community Hospital.
Mike Eaton Mike Eaton suffered a massive stroke on Sunday to the right side of his brain. Please send him all of your prayers, thoughts, positive eneregy and love.

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