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eaton recovery Update: 1/27/2015
10 days latter. Michael is getting better every day. The photo was from today and the physical therapist had him sitting up for a good amount of time. He actually held the position by himself for a minute or so. He also got a feeding tube directly into his stomach for more nutrition. That will come out once he relearns to swallow. God is good! - from Marianne Eaton
eatonupdate UPDATE: 1/22/2015
Brother, Mike, showing all of us he is aware and has not lost his humor. Still in ICU for a couple of more days, then a long road ahead of recovery and rehab. Mahalo nui loa to all you wonderful friends. — at North Hawaii Community Hospital.
Mike Eaton Mike Eaton suffered a massive stroke on Sunday in Hawaii to the right side of his brain. Please send him all of your prayers, thoughts, positive eneregy and love.

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