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Eaton Paddleboard

Posted 24 days 09 hours 1 minutes ago. 158
18 foot Eaton Paddleboard. This is an older board which is perfect for a training board and or a great starter board. Make an appointment to check it out.

Custom 16 foot Bark Paddleboard

Posted 24 days 09 hours 16 minutes ago. 146
Pristine condition comes with top of the line bag, board rack holders, straps, gps holder and water bottle cage. This board is perfect for a lightweight paddler 110 lbs to 165 lbs. Board is super fast

Waterman 16 foot paddleboard

Posted 26 days 04 hours 43 minutes ago. 146
craig lockwood shape and design – this board is a great all-rounder, fast on rolling swell and sheet glass water. water bottle mounting box with multiple positions. removeable fin box, boar

16’6” Bark Unlimited Prone Paddleboard - Great Condition

Posted 28 days 06 hours 45 minutes ago. 178
Great condition Bark 16’ 6” prone Paddleboard. Channel worthy, built in 2016. I’m about 150lb but would work for someone up to 165lb or so. The maneuverability of a smaller board with the glide

Bark 19' 6" Unlimited Prone paddle board. SUPER FAST!!!!

Posted 01 months 27 days 02 hours 39 minutes ago. 312
Bark 19′ 6″ Unlimited Prone paddle board. SUPER FAST!!!! Carbon bottom with Epoxy deck. Excellent condition except for pad which is very usable but getting near time for replacement. It

Eaton Logo T-Shirts

Posted 03 months 9 days 58 minutes ago. 265
Eaton Logo T-Shirts come in the following sizes:  Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large. The T-shirts are $27 (including tax, $25 is outside California) + S/H. Contact Rachel at (function(){var ml="

Eaton Stickers

Posted 03 months 9 days 01 hours 7 minutes ago. 256
Eaton Logo Stickers: Black or White. $5.00 each, includes tax, plus S/H. Contact Rachel at (function(){var ml="moF%2c3ina-.EkA0uerftCls4Dh",mi="36E934?JBAC36I344097FD136>B95JAF3H?A9D

A Design of His Own - Mike Eaton's Story

Posted 03 months 9 days 01 hours 35 minutes ago. 461
“A Design of His Own” is Hawaii resident, Michael Eaton’s story as a boy who grew up near the Pacific, learned the value of work at an early age, stuck to his principals, got some lu

Lifeguard Racing Paddleboards

Posted 04 months 13 days 07 hours 56 minutes ago. 838
New 10’6″ lifeguard spec racing paddleboards by Republic and Dolphin Surfcraft out of Australia in sizes Small through XL and several color patterns. These are the top lifeguard competitio